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Beatrice Valenzuela Studio has always intended on keeping our production close to home. Over the last 7 years, we have been lucky enough to keep the development of our shoes, clothing, and jewelry within arms reach of our studio in Echo Park.

Cempasúchil Garlands are a beloved tradition in preparation for Día de los Muertos. Intended to be visual and sensorial guides to the spirits of loved ones, a Cempasúchil Garland is said to lead spirits back to the earthly realm come time for this enlivening holiday, to feast on the offerings provided for them.
Our lustrous Oil Perfume, a handcrafted blend of Orange Blossom, Holy Basil, Rose, and Lime, is now back in stock. Reminiscent of sweet, sensuous blooms in a flourishing garden, this timeless oil gently permeates the hair, body, and skin while relaxing the senses.