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Cempasúchil Garland Tutorial




Cempasúchil Garlands are a beloved tradition in preparation for Día de los Muertos. Intended to be visual and sensorial guides to the spirits of loved ones, a Cempasúchil Garland is said to lead spirits back to the earthly realm come time for this enlivening holiday, to feast on the offerings provided for them.






Ample Cempasúchil/Marigold Blooms
Thermal Bonded Bead Thread, Fishing Line, or Floss
Needle, preferably an Embroidery Needle






Begin with the needle and string of your choosing. I use thermally-bonded bead thread and an embroidery needle, but any of the above-listed options will work. 

Make a loop and knot at one end of the string to have a loop you can easily hang on a hook or nail once the garland is completed.







After preparing your string, cut your Cempasúchil blooms at the base.

String the blooms through their center or through their side for a different, more stacked effect. This is a lovely style when you have an abundance of blooms, as it will create a fuller chain.









 Mix between yellow and orange blooms, and allow sizes to vary as your string, creating a pattern, or string in uniformity - whichever you prefer.







Once your garland is at your desired length, hang your precious work wherever you see fit. Cempasúchil thrives when strung about your home, or when placed upon your altar. This exuberant garland can also be used as a breathtaking centerpiece for your table or fireplace, or worn as a glorious necklace.