Our beloved Sandalias are made from precious lambskin leather, a soft and delicate material luxurious for one's feet. 

Being mindful of the care of your Sandalias to ensure their longevity will require cleaning them with a damp cotton cloth on occasion, to remove any grime or marks. It is important to note that water should not be in direct contact with the leather. A silicon-free leather oil or conditioner to apply as needed to the Sandalias will also help to maintain integrity. 

Restoration of Sandalias that have been worn with love for quite some time is possible, contingent upon the condition of the shoes. We highly recommend consulting with a local cobbler in regards to any mending and restoration that will help to prolong the life of your Sandalias.

For clarity purposes, there are many oils and conditioners for leather available, and not all are created equal. Beatrice Valenzuela is not liable for damage to any of our leather products once the customer is in full possession.