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Erice is a perfect place to visit for a day trip while exploring Sicily. It is known for its deep history, windy weather, and local folklore. To get to Erice you first have to arrive at the city port, called Trapani. From there you can take a cable car up to the town, due to its high elevation. 
Another fantastic destination we had the pleasure of exploring in Sicily was Cefalù. When planning our summer trip, we were looking to visit a part of Sicily we’d yet to experience as a family.
For years we have traveled during the summer, often for months at a time if we can. Planning usually begins in early spring, and we spend the remaining months before our trip dreaming of what adventures await us as soon as the weather shows the signs of summer. 

Italy, as a country and culture, has given my family and I so much throughout our summers spent there. From unforgettable sun-drenched days laying out on the beach, to beautiful friends and connections rooted in authenticity and tenderness, Italy has never been shy of sharing its beautiful culture with our family, and has always left us full of boundless inspiration. Our gratitude to this place and its people is insurmountable.   

For how much Italy has embraced us, there are no words to fully express our love and deep appreciation for this country and all it has offered us, and the world at large. Today we are sending our love and warmest thoughts to all of the people of Italy. In ode to them, we feel honored to be able to share our Scopello trip with you this week.

One of our favorite destinations for a summer trip was Palermo, Sicily. We arrived in late June, and were thrilled to have found an incredible Airbnb across the street from the Orto Botanico di Palermo, Palermo’s stunning botanical gardens.