Assembling a Juniper Wreath

With just a few weeks before Christmas, we are finding ourselves winding down and settling into the season. With the delight of preparations just before the holiday, it has been a joy to find solace in the activities that make the season all the more special.

Assembling a Juniper Wreath

Wreaths can be a joyous and tasteful addition to your holiday decor. If you find yourself in search of a tactile activity with room to let your creativity bloom, making a wreath is a lovely way to pass the time, and not to mention, a beautiful offering to a friend or loved one.  

You will need:

Wire and wire cutters

Twine and thread


Greenery for decoration

Ribbon, optional

First, purchase or forage the greenery you wish to use to assemble your wreath. Having collected Juniper in the desert several weeks ago, I chose to go with this festive greenery to make my wreath. Pine, Bay Leaves, or Eucalyptus can also work. 

After deciding which greenery you will use, shape the wire into your ideal, rounded size. Be sure to twist a section at what will be the top of the wreath into a loop- that will be where the wreath will hang once completed. Then, plan out the placement of the plants and branches on the shaped wire.

You will want to use the twine to incorporate the greenery into the wired wreath. Use the thread to tie down the more delicate and fragile pieces.

 Once completed, use ribbon as an additional touch for charm.