Decorate your own Wrapping Paper

Decorating your own Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper can often be the last thing we think about during the holiday season. As our focus is usually tied up in what we will give our loved ones to commemorate the season, we often forget what we will actually be wrapping these precious sentiments in.

We generally steer away from store-bought wrapping paper, and use the holidays as a reason to be creative with our gift giving presentation. This activity is lovely to do with family or friends, or during a socially distanced gathering outdoors.

You will need:

Anything you can get your hands on that is malleable enough to wrap your gifts in

We like masking or butcher paper, but fabric or recycled paper bags work just as nicely





Let your imagination be the deciding factor in what you use to decorate your wrapping paper- you truly can’t go wrong.

Spread out your paper or fabric on a clean, flat surface, and allow your materials to be your inspiration. Whether you decide to go big and bold with patterns and color blocking, or more delicate and succinct in your decorations, your one-of-a-kind wrapping paper will serve as a gift within itself to those receiving it.