Size: 4''

A vessel for relief due to powers embedded deep within the stone, Amber is known and beloved as a generous reliever of discomfort for individuals of all ages. Our Amber bracelet is intended for our tiniest of muses, who may be experiencing a need for cosmic guidance through their stages of growth. Secures with a 14k gold ball clasp.

Safety Provisions- It is vehemently advised not to allow your child to sleep with or teethe on an Amber bracelet. Although potentially warming and relaxing in sensation when placed around your child's hand, we absolutely suggest full supervision of your child while wearing the bracelet, as it can be a choking hazard. Strung together by delicate silk string, repeated contact with anything wet can reduce the lifespan of this bracelet. Do be vigilant in ensuring your child does not teethe on this bracelet, and remove it before bathing them.

Bracelets measure to 4”, 4.5", and 5". 14k gold ball clasp. 

Ethically Made in Los Angeles