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  • Warming and bountiful, Cacao is unparalleled in its timeless, elegant nature. Serving as the anchor for deep ceremonial practices of cultural importance for centuries, Cacao is a familiar hue at Beatrice Valenzuela Studio, embodying sublime subtleties making for a uniquely visceral pigment all its own.

    A wooden heel sculpted by Ramsey Conder ensures comfort and pronounced versatility, making our wooden clog an ideal selection to be worn and mused in year round.

    Our platform shoe slopes from a 1″- 2″ height for optimum comfort.

  • We use the finest cow and lambskin leathers to create the luxurious look and feel of all of our leather pieces. With exceptional quality and sustainability in mind, the natural patina and occasional imperfections you may notice on your piece are due to the intention of preserving each precious remnant of the leather, rather than discarding it.

    Avoid wearing in inclement weather, as moisture will damage both the leather and wood. Using a neutral oil such as olive oil, and a little soap, gently clean the soles to your preference and let them dry. Applying a light oil finish after cleaning will help to maintain the integrity of the wood.

    The beauty that comes with the slight variation of any of our leather pieces is part of what makes your beloved Beatrice Valenzuela object, uniquely yours.

Ethically Made in Los Angeles

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Size chart
Wooden Clogs
US Size Euro Size UK Size Insole Length Insole Width 
5 35-36 3
9 7/8''
3 3/8"
6 36-37 4
9 1/4''
3 3/8"
7 37-38 5
9 3/8''
3 1/2''
8 38-39 6
9 3/4''
3 1/2''
9 39-40 7
9 7/8''
3 5/8''
10 40-41 8
10 1/4'' 
3 5/8''
11 41-42 9
10 3/8'' 
3 3/4''