Winter Broths

Winter Broths

There is no denying the universal enjoyment of slurping down a fulfilling broth on a cold, winter evening. Broth nurtures and warms the body during these slower, darker months. Full of nutrients, flavor, and last night's leftovers, putting together a broth takes no true culinary skills- rather it is as intuitive as it is delicious.

Save your half-chopped onions, carrots, celery, or any vegetables you might have in your fridge, and pair with beef or chicken bones for a luxurious collagen boost and a powerful, rich flavor. Broth keeps for many meals and stores well, even in the freezer. As always, I have included improvised recipes for two of my favorite broths to sip on through the season. Use these recipes as guides for your next meal, or follow precisely to recreate these sumptuous and delightful broths.

Chicken Broth


Chicken bones, left over from last night’s meal
A whole lemon, cut into halves
Two bay leaves, less or more depending on your pot
A small handful of coriander seeds
Chopped fresh cilantro
A scoop of pesto, any you have on hand should work
A stalk of celery chopped or not, have it your way
Fresh ginger, cut into chunky pieces from the root, to taste
Green Pepper Harissa, for additional heat and flavor
A pour of dried white wine if you have it

Beef Broth


Beef Bones, left over from your last roast
A whole lemon, cut into halves
A small handful of coriander seeds
Onion, slice in halves with skin
Fresh ginger, cut into chunky pieces from the root, to taste
A scoop of guajillo sauce
A handful of fresh Cilantro, chopped from the stems
A few sprigs of fresh rosemary
Celery to balance, chopped or not
A pour of dry red wine if you have it


Garnish with salt, pepper, or any additions to your liking after letting all of your ingredients simmer on medium heat for several hours. Strain your broth before serving. Drink as is with a squeeze of lemon, or use as the base for your next stew or pot of beans.