BV in Cuba-32

Habanera Camisole


The Habanera camisole has a halter triangle top that ties around the neck in a coquettish bow. The bottom is cropped in a loose ruffle that caresses the navel. It buttons up the left side and is meant to be worn without a brassiere. It is available in the Night Blooming Cactus print on cotton voile fabric.



Exquisitely fleeting, delicately beautiful, the Night-Blooming Cereus & Epiphyllum flaunt their rare flowers only once a year, petals opening under the romance of the night and lasting only for a moment. Collaborating with textile designer Hannah Vince, Beatrice Valenzuela set about capturing this exotic bloom in an artistic co-creation that resulted in this stunning new fabric collection. It is printed in India on a lightweight cotton voile.

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