BV in Cuba-32

Habanera Camisole


The Habanera camisole has a halter triangle top that ties around the neck in a coquettish bow. The bottom is cropped in a loose ruffle that caresses the navel. It buttons up the left side and is meant to be worn without a brassiere. It is available in the Night Blooming Cereus print.



Exquisitely fleeting, delicately beautiful, the Night-Blooming Cereus flaunts her rare flower only once a year, petals opening under the romance of the night and lasting only for a moment. Collaborating with textile designer Hannah Vince, Beatrice Valenzuela set about capturing this exotic bloom in an artistic co-creation that resulted in this stunning new fabric collection. “The cutting of one of the plants was given to me by a dear friend, Kim Bordenave, about 12 years ago,” explains Valenzuela, “It was a cutting of one of her late grandfather’s. I spoke to my plant and asked her to bloom for me because I wanted to draw her. It only blooms once a year; if I’m lucky there’ll be one or two. After our conversation – she bloomed 2 dozen!” Working alongside Vince, Valenzuela studied the flower closely, each artist drawing a different element of the plant intricately, and by hand. Integrating their art into an elegant pattern design, the pieces were then showcased against cobalt blue, deep oxblood, and midnight black. The result is a unique and meditative reflection on art, nature and design – Night-Blooming Cereus captured in her brief but beautiful glory.

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