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Guajiro Dress


The Guajiro dress is a modest style designed for women in the countryside. The wearer is comfortable doing any work that needs to be done, but always can undo the front blind buttons as needed to nurse or show more décolletage. It has an elastic waist band and two side pockets. It is available in the Night Blooming Cereus print on cotton voile fabric.

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Exquisitely fleeting, delicately beautiful, the Night-Blooming Cereus & Epiphyllum flaunt their rare flowers only once a year, petals opening under the romance of the night and lasting only for a moment. Collaborating with textile designer Hannah Vince, Beatrice Valenzuela set about capturing this exotic bloom in an artistic co-creation that resulted in this stunning new fabric collection. It is printed in India on a lightweight cotton voile.

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